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2031 West Way

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Office (530)541-2606 

Fax (530) 541-1746 

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  • Lukins Brothers Water Company accepts cash, check, credit cards and ACH check payments. Credit cards and ACH check payments are accepted through eNetPay, a third party processing company.  There is a $3.00 per $100.00 payment convenience fee charged by eNetPay for this service.

  • Payment plans and arrangements can be made by calling our offices prior to water bill due dates. Past due accounts are subject to payment in full. 

  • Payments not received by 5:00 pm on the due date are subject to a $25.00 late fee. 

  • For your convenience, we have a locked mail box at our office where you may drop your check payments after hours, weekends or holidays.  Mail box is located in front of Lukins shop located at 2031 West Way.  Please do not drop cash into box.

Understanding Your H2O Bill

The California Public Utilities Commission requires that Lukins bill our flat rate customers in advance.  For our customers convenience Lukins has elected to bill flat rate customers quarterly in advance.  Meter customers are currently billed on a monthly basis. 

Quarterly Flat Rate Water Bills are Due:

  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1

(In the event that the 1st day of the quarter falls on a weekend or holiday, water bills are due the first business day following.)

Meter Water bills are due 19 days from date of bill. 

Need Help? 

Planning to work on your property and need the water shut off? We can help you with that! Lukins asks that you please call to schedule water shut off's at your property 48-hours in advance.  We understand that emergencies happen and will do our best to assist you in the event that you need immediate assistance. 

Call before you Dig. Dial 811.

Lukins customers can now VIEW and PAY accounts online! To take advantage of this new feature visit the UB-Pay website and set up your account by simply clicking on the Customer Portal button or visiting 

Through this portal you can view your current account balance and past bills, and pay your bill online. Avoid costly late fees by utilizing the convenience of this new feature.

During the registration process you will need to enter your Municipality Code.  Lukins' Municipality Codes are:
Flat Rate Quarterly Customers- LukinsBrosWater
Metered Monthly Customers- LukinsBrosMetered